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We are the Social enterprise to lead change in the employment market.

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SmartSocial is the partner to support your dreams.

Big Data Analysis report can make your dream life turn to reality. SmartSocial does matching best-in-class companies with customized Human resources around 90%, not just the job site for the top 10%.

  • Solve the Job mismatching problem
  • Activating Small Business – Supporting Public Works like Projects of the Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • Student employment management through FirstJob site, rising employment rate
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Vision of SmartSocial

Creation of social value through IT technology

Even those who have economic difficulties can analyze their jobs through IT technology

Creation of social value through capacity-based recruitment

Implement a social system that can have profit job by through the development of a competency-based algorithm

Creation of social value through Social Welfare services

Social enterprises to realize the various projects that can easily disadvantaged communities could be to participate.

Business Area

As big data professional social enterprise, We challenge to solving social problems.


FirstJob is leading the competence-oriented era culture by bringing out 'potential capacity' and 'job ability' by utilizing the completed big data in accordance with the changing job market.


We provide AI-based job competency analysis result reports and support ONE-STOP service from career to employment. We also offer specialized career competency consulting through career development type test, NCS job basics competency test, and portfolio creation for career development.

Youth job supporting project

This project provides 30 million won + a fee for young people and provides a chance for them to visit a company! This project provides companies with a long-term job opportunity for talented people! SmartSocial is a designated operating agency by the Ministry of Employment and Labor of the Ministry of Employment of Small Business,

Anda Chatbot

Chatbot with artificial intelligence-Anda Chatbot! Answer questions anytime, anywhere. SmartSocial aims to develop user-friendly chatbots from responding to the questioning.

Clients & Coorperations

We introduce valuable customers, partners, and companies of Smart Social.



The FirstJob is job matching service solution and Big Data utilization knowledge base system for job creation.

  • Through personal business stories of job hunters analyzed using Big Data, we will identify the personality and strengths and match potential competencies and job competencies to match companies to solve mismatching.
  • Firstjob is a service that can be used in various devices including mobile. It has the advantage of being able to access them whenever and wherever they are needed by job hunters, companies and schools.
  • Anytime, anywhere it is a system that solves the problems of youth employment by matching NCS-based job-oriented occupation with Big Data.


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Your AI job consultant

AI-based job competency recommending consultant

  • Analyze the tendency of job seekers
  • AI provides applicants with personalized job and job information
  • Provide customized employment, certification and job placement information
  • A list of AI recommendation companies that meet the specific tasks and tendencies of applicants
  • Call : +82 -51-717-3858

Naeil Chaeum (Brighter Future) Mutual Aid Program

This program is designed to encourage core personnel at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to work for their companies for long periods of time and to develop high-quality human resources for SMEs, according to the Special Act on Support for Human Resources of Small and Medium Enterprises. .

image of Naeil Chaeum Mutual Aid Program
  • Company - Any SME under the Special Act on Support for Human Resources of Small and Medium Enterprises and the Special Act on the Promotion of Growth and the Strengthening of Competitiveness of Middle-Standing Enterprises (excluding those in certain lines of business including real estate business, adult entertainment establishments, and gambling business)
  • Core personnel - Any worker whom an employer designates as an outstanding performer whose long-term retention is required (no limitations on the maximum number of participants, qualifications, academic background, work experience, and the like)
  • Duration - Five years (Upon expiration, subscribers may rejoin the program for another three- or five-year term at their choice.)
  • Contribution payment - An employer and worker (core personnel) must pay contributions at the ratio of at least 2 to 1.
  • Total contribution - At least KRW 20 million over five years (minimum KRW 340,000 per month)
  • Call : +82 -51-717-3888
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Social Enterprise

We are the company that creates value for social problem solving rather than only focus on a profit.

SmartSocial pursues social purposes by providing social services or jobs to vulnerable groups and raising the quality of life of local residents. We also provide the solutions that enable sustainable economic and social integration.
It is a small business between nonprofit organizations and commercial companies, providing social services, pursuing socially-oriented businesses, and conducting business for profit.
It is a company that improves the quality of the people through social contribution.

We are SmartSocial

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